joystick axis in labview

Hello, I want to know how is the axis in joystick, because i want programing one motor that jostick when I move up, the motor moves forward,I move down, the motor moves back

And, how is the axis in jostick?

Thank you:confused:

You want to use the Joystick Get or Get Axis. I think Axis 2 is the Y. It returns -1 to 1 range, -1 forward and 1 backwards.

Outside the loop do a joystick open and close on the left and right.

Greg McKaskle

I want programing in Labview… what icon work? why in labview I see 6 axis? i dont understand

Thank you

choose axis 3…

The other axis, are nothing to worry about…

Actually axis 1 (x) is right/left, axis 2 (y) is up/down and axis 3 is the throttle on the bottom front of the joystick. The other axis don’t exist on this joystick but other joysticks can have them.

isnt that what i just said :stuck_out_tongue:

I can move one motor with up/down, in the program is open motor jaguar-with josystick get and axis Y - motor set speed

Is the correct program for move one motor with only Axis Y

Thank you!!!

Basic Robot (83.9 KB)

Basic Robot (83.9 KB)

Not quite.