Joystick button to trigger pneumatic kicker?


Of course the robot wiring was completed at the last minute and the programmers only had about an hour to check there code. The good news is that most of there code worked flawlessly. The bad news is our pneumatic kicker did not operated as planned AND we shipped our robot yesterday so we can’t debug the code.

Can someone look at our pneumatics program so we can determine if the error is our program and/or wiring before we get to our regional next week?


The compressor came on but the solenoid did not fire when the button was pressed.

We are using three double acting cylinders w/ three solenoids.

We want the cylinders retracted when the button is not pressed (this is what we think the false case should cause it to do).

We want the cylinders to extend when the button is pressed (this is what we think the true case should cause it to do).

Thanks- Any help would be appreciated.

pneumatics false.jpg
pneumatics true.jpg

pneumatics false.jpg
pneumatics true.jpg

well you might try wiring a button to the little green questin mark on your case structure, other than that the logic seems sound

Your right! I am at home sick today and don’t have access to the programming laptop. The code I posted was recreate from memory. Our actual code does have the ?mark connected to button 8.

Make sure you have the right ‘getref’ for the joystick connection.

Try assigning another button besides #8 in case the joystick button is bad.

One other observation, if you don’t hold the button down for a moment you may not see any movement in the cylinders before it switches back to the ‘false’ case.

We probed the joystick button and it did cyle between true and false when the button was pressed.

How does the code look?

Should we add some delay?

Delay is up to you and how you want the button to work. Code looks okay. For the ‘True’ case to work you have to hold the button down. As soon as you release the button, the loop becomes ‘False’.