Joystick connection issue

Is anyone still having issues with joystick connection to the driver station after the update to version 23.1? Our joysticks sometimes are not recognized, or recognized but do not register any input at the DS. There doesn’t seem to be any repeatable pattern to what fixes it: re-plugging in the joystick, restarting the DS, and sometimes it comes down to rebooting the laptop. We also tried both locking and unlocking the joysticks to particular ports.

We have this issue with multiple laptops, all HP’s running Windows 10 and Windows 11 and two different model joysticks - 8BitDo wireless (used in the wired configuration) and a Turtle Beach Wired X-Box Controller.

At a competition last weekend we ended up sending the drive team out with two complete sets of laptop/joysticks in case one had trouble. Anyone have a fix or a routine to avoid this problem?