Joystick Explorer wont run

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I have a driver’s station pc with the minimum on it - I only installed the driver’s station application. Joystick Explorer won’t run - It says it needs Labview 2013 runtime. I was going to get it from here:

Is that correct? I thought the driver’s station program also required the labview runtime and therefore it would already be installed.


I am not familiar with LabView, but I do know that the new driver station uses 2014, not 2013. I don’t know if they are compatible.

I don’t know if this is enough for you to use, but the new driver station provides feedback about the x, y, and z axes of the Joystick and the buttons pressed.

Yes, I like the feed back in the 2015 driver station for the joystick. One thing it does not display are the button numbers though. Those shouldn’t be too hard to figure out with a numbered joystick though. I’m not sure if the 2013 and 2014 runtimes should be or even need to be mixed.

The runtime engine required depends on what version of LabVIEW the software was built on, and are not back compatible. So 2013 and 2014 can live side by side, but are only needed if you are running several applications with the different dependencies (i.e. 2014 will not cover software built on 2013). The driver station for this year was built on LabVIEW 2014 and should not be asking for 2013.

When you install the driver station for this year from the FRC Update Suite it should automatically install the necessary runtime. Is this how you installed it, and do you happen to also have last year’s software installed somewhere that could maybe cause some issues? I’ve run into a problem like this before, where my LabVIEW software built on LabVIEW 2012 was calling a dll built on LabVIEW 2010 without me realizing it (I had both installed), so when it was installed on a different machine it was asking to install both runtimes.

The first button (0 in LV, 1 in C++\Java) is on the top left, then they go down the left column, and continue top to bottom on the next column.

The runtimes can coexist. I have eleven of them on my machine. But since you have compiled code calling back into support libraries, they are almost never the same signatures or side-effects. So with few exceptions, there is a new one each release. The 2013 one can be found here

Greg McKaskle

Thanks, I will try installing the 2013 runtime tonight.

[quote=SuperBK;1428547 One thing it does not display are the button numbers though. T[/QUOTE]

If you are looking to see what number each button is, even if they aren’t labelled, you can open the gamepad viewer in Windows (Control Panel > View Devices and Printers > Right Click on your controller, select game controller settings, then select properties again). That will tell you what each button is numbered as, as well as each axis.

While this doesn’t help with the Labview problem, if you (or any other team) needs to figure out what each button number is on a new joystick, that is an easy way.[/quote]

The tab on the DS doesn’t have labels due to space limits, but there are eight buttons per column labeled top to bottom, left to right. The axes are labeled with numbers and names.

Greg McKaskle