Joystick In New Command Based Programming

So, this is our first year in FRC. We started to work with a practice board but now the format of the whole command-based programming changed. We are unsure, where is the proper place to declare the Joystick now? Before it was in an OI file.
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Joystick declarations should come in the RobotContainer file.

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Would the Joystick declaration go into the RobotContainer? Or, would you just declare it inside the class?

Hey there. Here’s a good place to get started with the new command based framework:

Or the more common domain:

Alright, I have finished reading through the new Command Systems again. I am still confused because they mentioned buttons executing commands but never Joystick declarations. Am I just mis reading something or am I not understanding the new Java file structure?

Hang on a sec

The way you do it is you create a new joystick object in the RobotContainer class and pass in its value when you want to use it in a runCommand.

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Or any command type you like.

I’d also consider taking a look at the Command Based Framework Examples. They show setting up joysticks, buttons triggering commands, default commands (drivetrain joystick command), ect. and are generally a good source to see what the expected practices are for the framework:

In particular, I’ve been looking at the HatchbotTraditional and Gearsbot examples when showing things to students.


How would you use a double supplier here?

Do you want to get the value of the joystick?

yes and return it to a drive command

Well in the screenshot l posted the values are passed in to the command driveRobot in the drivebase subsystem which takes two doubles which refer back to each joystick. Is this what you need?

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