Joystick Issues

Hey, when testing our team’s robot, the josyticks became inverted somehow. when pushing both joysticks forward (tankdrive), the robot is moving backward. I tried looking in the driver station program, but couldnt find anything about inverting the controls. Any suggestions? Thanks, Akash

  1. Did they switch in the middle of driving, or just from the last time you recall driving?

  2. What joysticks are you using, and are you using the same joysticks as before?

  3. Did your programmers add a reverse function to the code?

  4. Was the robot rewired (perhaps the motor polarity switched)?

  1. They switched from the last time it was turned on
  2. Same Joysticks
  3. Probably.
  4. Nope, they are in the right way.

Its probably the programmers that were testing something and forgot to revert it. I’ll check with them, but thanks for the help and quick reply.

Labview or Java or C++? I know may know the issue if you use Labview!

You should also consider the possibility that the left and right side drive trains have been swapped. This could be a result of wiring , configuration of the motor controllers (if CAN), or in code.

Or even something as simple as the order the joysticks were plugged in!