Joystick lag with DS being idle.


I ran into an issue with the joystick having as much as a .5-3 second delay when the Driver Station was sitting idle for about 20 minutes to an hour with power applied. Once resetting the driver station only, the controls returned to normal.

This is being noted as a warning. I would not want someone being run over by their robot due to this delay. The commands sent from the joystick remain in the memory of the DS and will be eventually sent to the motors.

The cRio is only responding to the commands it receives, I can say that with some confidence because after the DS reset only, it was acting normal.

The firmware in the cRio and the DS are the latest upgrades provided by FIRST. There are no custom programs added yet.

Has this been noticed by any other teams?

It’s mentioned in section 3.1.8 of the manual and fixed with the latest cRIO image from LabVIEW update 2.


After installing Ver.2.0 there are no issues with the joystick lag. Monitoring the serial communications from the cRio reveals a check for dead packets and a subsequent resynch with the DS.

Problem resolved!

Maybe I spoke too soon. The serial port showed hundreds of “Packet Loss Error… lost 5” errors. The joystick delays returned, and no DS resynch occurred until the DS was reset by disconnecting the power.

Please be conscious of how long the DS has power applied before driving your robot. It may save you a match.

Did you reimage the cRIO after installing the update?
The fix was in the cRIO image I beleive.