Joystick mapping changed between 2014DS and 2015DS in 2014 mode?

we’ve kept an old laptop around to use as the driver’s station for our 2014 robot. that laptop got sick this weekend, so we fired up a 2015 ds, set it to 2014 mode, and things were mostly ok.

we see a half red/ half green comm indicator for the robot, but reading other threads indicates that normal.

it seems that the 2015 DS maps the axes on an XBox controller differently than the 2014 DS. Can anyone confirm or deny?

The DS should be sending through whatever the laptop is processing.
I’d be curious to know if the new computer was utilizing some sort of special xbox mapping for gaming and sending that to the DS.

The mapping differences you might be seeing could be related to the fact that the mappings are all 0 indexed now.

I’m on labview and I get a very different axis mapping… The buttons only changed to accomodate the 0 index but the axis are really weird…

We recently did a similar thing with our 2014 robot, but didn’t notice any different mappings. We had the same half red / half green status light and were able to fix it by putting the correct firmware on the cRIO. Only the correct firmware will allow a cRIO to talk to a 2015 DS, so you may want to check that it is up to date.

I can confirm we had an issue like this that we ran into with beta testing. I don’t recall exactly what the cause was but it had to do with the 0 indexing and the POV hats being read as different values… at least that is what I remember.

The 2014 Driver Station used the outdated DirectInput API to get the inputs for joysticks. The 2015 DS uses XInput. This is the cause of the changes other than the switch to the 0-based axes/buttons.

One side of the Communication indicator shows the status of the TCP connection (used for sporadic data like errors, Usage Reporting and PDP Logs), the other half shows the UDP connection (for the main robot control and status). You might want to check your firewall settings.

What is the correct firmware (and how do I check what’s running on the cRIO)?

Is this the case if talking to a 2014 robot? Has anyone gotten a full green with a 2014 robot?

You will not. The half red indicates 2014 protocol.

Edit: more properly the communication status means this: ( screen step live DS direction)

Major Status Indicators - These three indicators display major status items for the DS. The
“Communications” indicates whether the DS is currently communicating with the FRC Network
Communications Task on the roboRIO (this year it is split in half for the TCP and UDO

The 2014 protocol presumably only uses half of this hence half red / half green