Joystick questioin, FIRST response

This was posted to the FIRST fourm, and by their wording they are willing to allow you to modify joysticks that you provide?


Rule C1 States that Joysticks may not be modified in any way, (cutting,
drilling, rewiring) However we are allowed to make our own joysticks. This
seems to me like the recent wheel rule in update 4(where you were allowed
to make your own wheels, but you couldn’t modify bought ones but the update
did away with that rule) We can totally build our own joysticks, wire them
ourselves, and yet we cant just add a switch to an existing one? This
doesn’t seem to make any sense to quite a few people. Why would we be
trusted to manufacture a controller, but not to simply rewire an existing
one such as adding a switch in an unused area of the base of the stick. I
am asking was this rule actually thought through. Also if this rule is to
stand why is the reasoning behind this?


The intent of Rule C1 is to keep the uninformed from taking apart the
components of the kit of parts, especially the control system components,
and not being able to re-assemble them properly requiring FIRST to reissue
replacement parts. Also, if the components of the control system are
modified, the effect on the circuitry, especially the inputs, could cause
damage to the IFI control system. IFI does not want to take this
chance. We have tested the components of the control system and know that
they will work. If you want to fabricate your own controls, you are taking
on the responsibility of that system working and of it being compatible to
the IFI system. If you have a problem, it is your problem to resolve.

I hope this answers your question as to our thought process in requiring
that the provided components not be tampered with or modified.

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