Joystick Resolution

So we hooked up a potentiometer to an Ultimarc APAC joystick interface.
It has a 12 bit resolution on the potentiometer so 4096 values.
The APAC make the pot appear as a joystick axis to the Driver Station.
Using the windows “Set Up USB Joystick” utility I can confirm the APAC is presenting 4096 values over the sweep of the pot to Windows.

So when I started a LV program to get the values I see I’m only getting 256 discreet values.
I started drilling down in the VIs and the joystick calls a WPI windows library to get the joystick values and I’m thinking that for some reason this library only returns 8-bit values?

So, is this true and if not how do I go about getting the full set of values from a joystick axis?

8 bits are only sent by the DS.


If you really need 12 bits you could write a program to grab the joystick data and send the data over networktables (or any protocol of your choice) to the robot.