Joystick sending data to Jaguar

We have hit another problem where the Jaguar is not getting the input from the joystick. We have all the updates since 1-23 for cRIO and have the electronics on the setup board. We have checked all signal going to the side car and it is receiving and sending signal to the Jaguar because we can get the light on the Jaguar to stay solid and can get the Green and Red lights for calibration.

The joystick is being initialized by the because we can probe the points and see the data in the program but the output from the loop is not sending joystick movement to the motor control. We have not modified the Robot and expected the program to be operational “out of the box”.

What program modifications or setup needs to be completed by us to get the joystick to send the data to the Jaguar and allow the buttons to be read?

Thanks for your assistance.

Team 4068

When running your code, pull up the diagnostics tab in driver station to ensure that you aren’t getting any type error. If you are getting some sort of error, it should tell you where the problem is occurring from and you can hopefully fix it that way.

I am getting this error:

-44007 occurred at WPI_JoystickRefNum Registry>>
FRC: The RefNum you are trying to Get does not exist in this RefNum Registry.

Ahh very simple fix then, go to your teleop and when you use the for joysticks ensure that the name matches the same as the one used for the for joysticks in your

Hope that helps!

Edit: Names are also affect by caps! That’s something I discovered, haha.