joystick sensitivity

I am using easyC pro and I am confused.
Downloaded the 2007demo code.

  1. Is there a way to read the outputs of the joystick according to a specific axis? (just like in mplab, where you have p1_y for joystick1, from Kevin’s code). I want to be able to control only one axis at a time in order to drive like a tank. For now, I am using this “arcade2” or “arcade4” block, and its just like a black box for me. I want to be able to check for each bottom in the joystick, if it was pushed - to do something (like in mplab, but in easyC, without any block “OI to relay” or something like that)
  2. Joystick is too sensitive. I want to be able to write:
    setPWM(my_motor_pwm, joystick value corresponding to speed);
    and not to use this arcade2 block that automaticly sends pwm from both axis, all time. don’t want that.
    I want the freedom to choose.
    Can you help me guys?

In EasyC Pro, you can use another RC block labled Tank. If you are driving two motors, use Tank-2, or if you are driving four motors, use Tank-4. As far as the speed, I have no clue as to how you could do that.

Hello Blari,
inside the functions of 2007kickoff, I didn’t see any “tank” function. (I did see it, under one of my tutorial libraries, regarding Vex, I think). I need to import it somehow?

But, I’ll back for the same probelm - having a nice box, called “tank”, but I can’t really control it.

I want one joystick for driving like a tank. if I detect joystic’s num 1, x axis had been changed, so change ONLY motor num1 accordingly (now, “arcade2” move them both). Same is for y axis - If I detect something on y axis - only the motor corresponds for driving in “y axis” will operate, according to the value that the joystick was steared.
so, if I move joystick forward, with a little deviation to the left/right I’ll be able to figure out that on x axis, its probably the operater mistake, and move only on y axis (beacuse I want to move like a tank, and this is howt I’ll tell my operators to play).


Not to be rude, but read all the documentation. For a hint on what documentation to read, see the attached picture.

EasyC : Help -> search -> joystick. This gets you info on joystick inputs.

joy1_y = GetOIAInput( 1, 2 )

EasyC : Help -> search -> motors. This gets you info on outputs.

SetPWM( 1, joy1_y );



rude? not at all.
Its just there is so much information, sometimes you can get lost…
so thank for that.