Joystick Triggers No Longer Work

All of our triggers and buttons on the joysticks don’t work, even with the default code. What can we do?

Do the analog outputs (axes) work or is the entire stick dead? What happened prior to the controls breaking? Also, have you tested the stick in another port (as well as tested that port with a different joystick)? We had a problem a few years back with a malfunctioning OI port, and didn’t think to bother testing it for a few days!

If all the hardware is working, you may have multiple definitions for whatever you want the trigger to control, esp if it is a pwm output. Comment out the default definition.

How many sticks are we talking about? 1 or 2? If one, try swaping it out for an alternate. Some of the newer joysticks like to just die on you. But if its both sticks refer to your programming. Thats not too much help, but as a driver thats about all I do to troubleshoot fixes like that.

Reading your description at face value, here’s what I’d do: take apart the joystick, trace the ground wire, find the spot where it’s broken, and repair it.

The problem was a bad OI. Ports 1 and 3 don’t work but 3 and 4 did. We just got last years board hooked up.

I had a feeling that could have been the problem. It sounded very familiar. Glad to hear that it has been worked out.

Were the entire ports malfunctioning or just the digital inputs? If you ever needed to utilize those ports again and the analog inputs were still functioning (so long as you didn’t need all the analogs) you could always remap some of the digital switches to use the analog inputs. It’s a relatively painless process and it is a good workaround if necessary. I know I’ve had to do this a few times: once because of that broken port issue, and the rest just to use additional controls; I’m sure many, many people have dealt with the same thing in the past.

Check the Disable switch bank on the bottom of the OI… I suspect someone was playing with the switches, which would cause exactly what you are talking about.

They should all be in the same position, but I’m not sure which way.