Joystick value in autonmous

Its not really a LabVIEW question, but it still stands, can you inputs in from the driver station in autonomous?

I am not absolutely sure, but it would be counter to the purpose of autonomous to allow input when the robot should be acting on its own, so I am almost certain you can’t.

  • Sam

From what I’ve heard, you can’t, although you can read the value during the disabled period immediately preceding autonomous(so you can still set mode switches and such)

You Can’t
Actually the drivers aren’t even allowed at the station during autonomous, so it wouldnt matter if u programmed it in

Are you wanting to read DS switches? If so, you can do this during auto-disabled. If using the advanced template, this is very easy. If basic, there are a few more steps. This has already been described before, but if you can’t find it, ask specifically for what you are looking for.

Greg McKaskle