Joysticks club 2014

This is a club for all the teams who use joysticks on their driver station.

316 loves them so much, we have THREE joysticks.

Everyone who doesn’t use joysticks is obviously inferior.

Driver 1 (driver of the chassis) uses 2 joysticks and a pedal. The pedal is made from an altered joystick and alot of 3d printing

Joysticks of any form are enjoyed by we distinguished members of the Joystick club!

4909 uses 4. Operator could have used a game pad but liked the joysticks better.

pretty bold statement there I’m sure there are a few teams that would reasonably argue otherwise! but, count us in the club!

I prefer smartphone control.

Just kidding, I definitely believe in the power of the holy joystick!

Gamepads have joysticks on them. :wink:

I control my robots with the power of code.

So you have a fully autonomous robot? Impressive.

I know that the lead mentor on my team loves joysticks, but every student on the team wants a gamepad. Every time during build season when I ask what are we using, when I’m programming controls, a whole argument ensues and I’m caught in the middle of it, because I don’t care.

How many modern games outside of flight simulators use those giant joysticks anymore anyway?

Doesn’t matter! After all, our robot can fly

We’ve got two joysticks: an XYZ for our driver and an XY for our operator. Field-oriented drive with the three-axis is so simple, we’ll probably never use anything else with a holonomic drive.

That’s a switch from our team. As the software mentor, I was looking to expand horizons and brought in a Logitech GamePad. The kids were confused about where we were going. I pointed out we would let the drive team decide what worked best for them. More puzzled looks; we can decide? (yes, a basic real world mentor moment; the pointy end of the stick gets to pick their weapons) My lead software engineer (he earned that title) had the 'bot set up for both. He was also the manipulator driver, and that task was the one that had the choice between a joystick and gamepad (he chose the latter).

We are contemplating testing the theory the one driver can effectively control the robot with one hand using a SpaceMouse.

Our team considered a Leap Motion at one point, but realized its accuracy and precision paled in comparison to the mighty joystick!

Judging by my red bar, Poe’s law is in full effect here. I have nothing against gamepads. our team actually uses one. i made this thread as a joke after seeing the “wheeled robot club” but obviously it is too subtle. in hindsight, i realize this has the potential to be misinterpreted. I am sorry to anyone I offended

I know right? They’re even referred to as joysticks in code and control systems.

I’d be more interested in a seeing if there’s a team out there that *didn’t *use joysticks of some sort.

  • Sunny g.

MARS reporting in with 4 joysticks conviently stuck together in sets of 2.

Also I think 16’s 2011 robot drove with a steering wheel.

159 joins with 2 sets of 1. :stuck_out_tongue:

159 actually joins with one set of two. Separated by a computer, and each operated by a different person.