Are we limited in the number of joysticks and controllers we are allowed to use? If so, how many are allowed?

What kinds of controllers and joysticks are allowed?

Thank you to anyone who can help us!

There aren’t any rules governing this specifically. You have to be with in the size requirements of the operator console and the driver station software I think will only recognize 6 USB joysticks. You could rewire or build your own interfaces to have more physical joysticks. However you can only have 3 drivers (HP can touch controls this year) and I assume they each have a maximum of 2 hands so it would be pretty tricky to use more than 6 joysticks.

The Driver Station supports “HID” controllers. That covers most joysticks and gamepads. The Launchpad can be programmed as an HID controller as well. It supports up to six devices.

If you have something that isn’t recognized by the Driver Station, it is possible to write your own code in a Dashboard program to send anything you want to the robot.