Joysticks switching position mid-match

It’s happened to a few teams here at Northern Lights - in the middle of the match, the joysticks switch positions in the driver station for seemingly no reason. Naturally, when it happens it significantly impacts the ability to drive and control the robot… anyone else run into this at other events?

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Flakey joysticks and joystick cables can cause this. Windows has no guarantee that a plugged in joystick returns in the same order when you plug it back in. You can “lock” a joystick in drivsrstation by double clicking it, but this only sometimes works.

Yeah, we saw that a lot a few years ago. We switched to PS4 controllers and haven’t had a problem since. YMMV, but I’m interested to hear others’ experience too…

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It’s not a question of plugging and unplugging, it’s happened literally in the middle of the match with no stress on the plugs at all, and happened to more than one team on our field :frowning:

We had a problem at superior practice day, and the team before us did too. Fine since we switched code, I think to 0 port.

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