I found a way to hook up an xbox controller to a serial connection. I was wondering if anyone knows how hard it would be to program it, also we are able to use it in the competition?
Thanks for the help,
Drew Hopman

Since the X-Box controller is USB (or atleast thats what the information I found tells me) it is currently not possible without IFI making some big changes to the OI.

Now, that being said, what you could do is to gut the controller, and wire it as a standard joystick. (I’ve not seen the inside of one so exact details are left up to you to develop)

First will the rc accept the digital imput from the controller. If so then it could and would be possible to program without modifying the controller. And if we were to modify the controller I believe that I have read somewhere that we wouldn’t be able to use it at competition. Please correct me if i am wrong.
Drew Hopman

I don’t know much about Xbox controllers, but i know a bit about the edubot and USB. Assuming the above post is correct and the Xbox controllers use some form of USB, it is possible to use it with the EDU RC. I must warn you though, beware, the USB protocol is VERY complicated and hard to implement even for a seasoned embedded engineer.

It is the same all you have to do is cut the wire and soder it to another usb cable that has been cut. All the cables meet up and there is one extra from the controller. Now my question is how to make it go from usb to game port or if we could use a serial connection. I am not sure if you could rerout it through the serial. If you have any ideas that would be great. How would you imput the usb into edu bot?
Drew Hopman

Well, to elaborate on what Rick said above, you would need to actually write code to impliment the USB protocol (not easy). Therefore you could hook it directly to the digital IO pins on the Edubot,(or the 2004-RC), But you could not connect it to the OI.

Though you could always buy a normal PC gamepad and use that. That would have basically all the features you would have in a X-Box controller.

The x-box controler would the best thing ever!!!
for driving the Bot :slight_smile:

We have to figure it out,
ive seen some controlers for the PC that have a gameport conector, and then a usb adapter, that may be a place to start

But i admit im a mechanical man. i dont know that much about the controers