JPEG Images for Inventor

Does anybody know how to save a Inventor Drawing as a JPEG Image file???
Any help is gladly appreciated…

 -Airman Bus

I use pdfcreator and just print the drawing to a PDF file. It turns out really well (looks better than looking at it from one of Autodesks file viewers) and it’s cross platform! And it scales well! AND! you can print it to scale. It’s good stuff.

Go to: File> Save Copy As> Select the File type as JPEG and it’ll save whats on the screen as a JPEG.

Thanks guys really appreciate it

Hows everyone’s inventor projects coming

Issues with constraining extruded aluminum

In addition to the Save Copy As type *.jpg method

there is also the Applications>Inventor Studio method that will give you a higher quality Rendering.

Thank you all for the help in saving my Inventor project as a .jpg image

Im actually doing pretty well on my inventor project, my frames awesome, cant wait to throw it out on the simulation track :]

I’m not familiar with the profile your trying to constrain but it may be easiest to create a reference plane along the face that you are trying to constrain it to. Depending whether or not your trying to create dynamic constraints. When I first started I never had considered using reference plains for constraints but it works well enough on strange shapes.

If you’re trying to constrain accurate 8020 profiles there is only a tiny flat section on the surface. If you are using flush constraints this is the only surface that will work as expected.

You often have to zoom in quite a bit for the flat strip to show up. Once you learn how to do this it will become second nature.

Also beware that the extrusions are 7 mil smaller their nominal length. You might have to use an offset to account for this.

80/20 has a 4 degree angle to make a vibration free connection. There is nothing stopping you from modifying the profile to be more square and easier to work with for your model.