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Hey everyone,
I am a coach for an FRC team in a very small area and am having a difficult time getting team members to commit. I know of several Jr high kids that would absolutely love the opportunity to build a robot. I remember reading somewhere or being told that it was legal for Jr High kids to be on the team as long as they did not drive at the competitions. Is this true or have things changed? I could not find any info on the FIRST website.

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Your information is slightly too restrictive.

The only restriction on age in FRC is that drivers (and human players and technicians) must be pre-college students. They have yet to decide that there’s a minimum age for team membership. I’ve been known to joke that if you can find a newborn baby that can wear safety glasses and handle the controls, it’s perfectly legal…

There’s a full team in Texas from a middle school. And I know that 330 once had the same driver for something like 6 years, starting when he was in middle school.


FWIW, we had two 8th graders on the team this year, and ran into no issues with FIRST – one was even on driveteam for part of our last offseason event in 2019.

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I known we’ve had multiple pre-HS kids on my teams before. The only issue that popped us was one caused by the school, not allowing non-local kids to be in the workshop. We ended up getting that fixed though. So yeah, just make sure your school (or whoever) is okay with it and there is no liability issues.

I mean I joined my team in 8th because my friend (Junior) brought me in and I believe two of his friends started in 6th grade.

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See this thread for more info - it has helpful information in this regard. Good luck to you and your team in this tough recruitment period!

Team 155 was originally a middle school only team. After the high school team fell apart in 1996 they started including high school members. Until recently they still met in the middle school and only moved out when the teacher retired.

All this is to say that there is no lower age limit on anything the students are allowed to do.

Our team has had more 6th, 7th, and 8th graders on it than high school students for the last few years. I think we have been running about 60% pre-high school age to 40% high school age the last couple of years. It has worked well for us. The only issue has been getting them signed up in STIMS but that’s always hit or miss no matter the student age.

It is more of a function of interest and shop safety compliance rather then age that decides the minimum age.
We regularly have 6th thru 8th graders on the teams.

In our district, middle school students aren’t allowed to travel overnight - especially out-of-state.
One of the reasons we don’t allow middle school students on our team.

We’ve allowed 8th grade students to join whenever we get an interested student. The most extreme example I know of is 3538, who accepts students as young as 5th grade. That means that some of their students enter senior year with 7 years of FRC experience (and it shows).


Team 7413, Plus Ultra’s driver in 2019 was in 5th grade. I would hate to play against that in 2026.

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We’ve had 8th grade students on the team last year and will this year. Last year’s group were specially invited and this year’s group were nominated by FLL coaches and when through an application process. We have our program capped at 10 students each year.

10 8th grade students, or is Wave 10 students total?

10 8th grade students. We have an artificial cap of 50 total 9-12th grade students

I’d also like to mention that I believe STIMS still has the age 13 registration requirement, however you can have the parent do it for the student iirc. That’s what I had to deal with when I joined FRC at age 12.

I started FRC in 8th grade… I’d hope that was legal XD

So did I, for that matter…

330’s general policy on 8th graders (and below) was that a parent had to be onsite whenever their 8th grade student was. Wasn’t a problem for me as my dad was already mentoring… This was a wee bit before STIMS as I recall.

In STEAMex 6832 everyone except our lead driver and technician were 7th or 8th graders for the 2020 season

3128 is in the same school district as 2102… but we are only allowed to have students from our school on the team (so - high school only). Gotta love the inconsistency!

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