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Hi. For any of you who are in JSA, I am Matthew Lee, and I am running for Southern California Governor. THose of you at Congress already heard my declaration of canidacy, but i’m interested in know ing what you’d all like to see change in JSA. I’d really value your input, as one who represents the voice of the people.

Thanks all, and I hope you consider me for Southern California Governor

Can’t be worse than Gray Davis, right?

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**Can’t be worse than Gray Davis, right? **

Is there such thing as worse? He is awful! The local junior college just dropped a bunch of classes because he cut funding. It is kinda sad.

Well…I offer all of you, the students of America, a chance to become involved in the politics that govern this country, to let your voice be heard. Through organizations like JSA (the Junior State of America), one can learn more about how this country runs and influence the decisions of those that govern our country.

Thus, through my campaign for governor of the Superstate of Southern California (including Southern California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada), i aim to increase student representation and expand JSA, so that the students of this nation may become a powerful and inexorable voice in all of the world. Tell me your concerns, your fears, your worries about this country, and I will do my best to alleviate them. Also, you might want to consider forming a chapter of JSA at your school, or getting involved in one, if one exists. Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns, or complaints. Thank you and I hope that you will vote for me as JSA Governor of Southern California

JSA Website

And some of my qualifications and intentions are attached…this is a prelim version…it is still being worked on

jsa governor platform.doc (32.5 KB)

jsa governor platform.doc (32.5 KB)

Politicians will not listen to minors because they can’t vote. It’s not until their parents get mad that stuff starts happening.

Please do not generalize anybody, including politicians. There are politicians who don’t give a rip about what goes on as long as they get paid, but a lot of them will pay attention to you. Why? There are also a lot of politicians who really care.

Those are the ones that don’t get elected.

Look, if you simply generalize politicians, and give up hope of being able to affect change in the nation, then you have already lost the struggle for influence. If you will go by examples in the present, there are politicians that will listen to the people, members of Congress for example. Some have asked for Student Advisory Boards to voice their opinions on matters that concern them, for example. It is true that we may be ignored, but we will have a voice, and if we can turn that into a voice to the media, and the nation, then the politicians will listen.

Look, the JSA organization, among others, was responsible for getting the voting age lowered to 18…now we seek to once again be a powerful voice in the affairs of the nation. I, myself, am the Executive Director of the International League of Students, an international organization representing the viewpoints of the youth of the world. We are currently applying for UN membership, and we do have considerable sway over some in the UN. Thus, it is possible for students (and other minors), to influence politicians and the society in which they dwell. For the most part, it is the apathy that is present in many of the youth of today that is impeeding our chances to let our voice be heard. Without hope for success, there will be no success…keep that in mind, and get involved

If you want to make a difference…elect me for governor. I will be your voice and push what you, the people want. My campaign lit is attached…

brochure 1.doc (75.5 KB)

brochure 1.doc (75.5 KB)

What we want is someone who will pressure the politicians with the power of the public, to spend more on science and education, on space and in projects to help ppl learn, like FIRST. What we want is someone who can make others listen…for we wish to have a voice in this world.

If this is what you want, then I strongly urge you to vote for me as JSA governor of Southern California…or indeed governor, if you feel that i can do a better job than Grey Davis. But please, don’t give up hope.

Franklin D Roosevelt once said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, and he was right. If we fear and thus do nothing, it is worse than if we were utterly wrong

In any case…elections will be coming up soon, and I’m interested in what you, the FIRST community, would like to see in terms of a government science program, and your opinions on other issues…Iraq, Terrorism, Cloning, Genetics, Health Care, Social Security, Education, etc. Express yourselves…