Judge and Sponsorship Material Exchange

Teams everywhere are developing incredible materials for attracting new sponsors, handouts for judges, and creative materials for community outreach. Our team has some solid materials, but I am hoping to level up what we are doing this off-season by checking out what others are doing. Hunting materials has been a little tough, everyone that I have reached out to has been willing to share but I think there is an opportunity to create a more effective solution for the entire community.

My goal is to collect as many of the following materials as possible:

  • Sponsor materials - looking for things like ask letters, handouts, flyers and stewardship information.

  • Judge materials - things like Chairman’s Award presentation materials, pit materials and technical award materials.

  • Community outreach materials - when your team is doing community events, what are you handing out to people that come by?

My goal is to eventually build a repository on our team’s website that can be accessed by anyone in the community so they can also find great examples. If you are interested in sharing your materials in this thread or by PMing me here I would be very interested in your help!


I’ve uploaded the two hand-outs I had easily accessible. Both of these are intended for judges as the primary consumers. I don’t believe the Outreach Handout is quite the final version, but the general information and formatting is mostly there.

ApprovedDawgmaProgrammingHandout2019.pdf (417.9 KB) Outreach Handout.docx (10.9 MB)

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We have a lot of our judges and marketing materials up on our team’s entry on FIRSTAlliances, and a bunch of other teams have their materials on there too if you want to look around for them.

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