Judge Interviews at Worlds?

I’m a mentor for a first time team attending the FRC Championships in Houston, TX. As a rookie team the judging interview process is a lot of fun and enjoyable for the kids to share what they’ve learned. To be 100% open, on our slim in the numbers rookie team, it can be overwhelming. To get ahead of it, I’m attempting to plan for at least 2 kids to be ready and have some planned bandwidth.

What I don’t know, do judge interview occur at the FRC championships?

Congrats for making it to Championship this week, and enjoy! There’s a lot going on but it’s a great opportunity for teams to see what others have done while competing.

Judging at Worlds will be much like the judging at your earlier regional events. Judges will be going around the pits during the event talking to teams, and each division will give out a full set of awards (so there will be 6 Rookie All Stars, as an example). Other than for the Chairman’s Award there are no formal scheduled interviews for teams, and I don’t know that there’s a rough time where I could say “definitely have people at your pit from X:00 - Y:00 for the judges”, but I would anticipate judges wanting to talk to your team at some point.

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