Judges' Award following a Chairman's Win

Hello Everyone.

Last week at the IN Kokomo District Event our team won the District Chairman’s Award. This week at the Purdue District Event we won the Judges’ award. What is confusing me slightly is that the short monologue (the one announced saying what the award-winning team did) that the announcer said for our Judges’ award was a word-for-word copy of the monologue they announced for our Chairman’s last week. This makes me think that the judges were impressed by our award last week and wanted to give us a second Chairman’s (which of course they can’t). Has this happened to any other teams, or does anyone have an idea about why this happened?

Do you really mean word-for-word literally the same, or very close? Typically the announcement of a Chairman’s Award is quite a bit longer than a Judge’s Award, so that’s confusing to me.

I don’t think the judges decided that your Chairman’s presentation from a previous event was so good, they would give you a second award for it at your following event. I think it’s more likely that your team talked to the judges at your second event about the same things that make up your Chairman’s submission, and these non-Chairman’s judges believed the accomplishments merited recognition. Keep in mind that Chairman’s judges and the judges that go around the pits talking to teams (nearly every other award) tend to be different people.

Yes, the announcements were word-for-word replicas, though the announcer at Purdue spoke more quickly. What confuses me is how that happened; if the judges were different people then they must have communicated between each other in some way.

Were these phrases things that your team says often? As Chris mentioned, sometimes teams say the same things over and over and those are the things that get picked up by the judges.

There are also things that could have been the same, like the judges advisor. If that is the same person then it makes sense the wording of the award would be the same. Many have a formulaic way they go about it and perhaps your key items were just the same and fell into the formula the same way.