Judges Packets

How many judges packets are you bringing to competition?


Can you please specify what for?

Chairman’s Award Judge’s Packets:

Copy of award
Outline of award
Team pin
All in a pretty folder

Copies: At least 3 (depends on number of judges)

Team Presentation Packets:

These can include a brochure about your team, a newsletter that is fun to hand out at competition, info on your website, or even prizes. If you give it to a judge in the pit, it should include information of your robot and a photo or drawing. It makes you memorable. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

  • Genia

We usually bring one per judge with basically everything Genia named previously. The “prizes” we hand out usually have something to do with our sponsors. Last year we had rent.com light up yo-yos. It was very entertaining to see all of the judges playing with these when they were waiting for awards to start.


I mean judges packets that get passed out during competitions. The judges that come to the pits during competitions. How many of those packets are you bringing?


That’s what I was talking about too. We give them a bag full of stuff that represents our team (packets, toys, etc) to every judge that passes by. Last year it was a big hit amung the judges.

Just like a real-world trade show, we (as a rookie team) had the following items in our pit:
a) a tri-fold brochure on our team with a lot of the common-questions (FAQs) much of which was same as the yearbook page
b) Printed copies of our Chairman’s Award essay
c) A bowl full of pins
d) we didn’t have tokens or “prizes”

The biggest thing we did was to make sure that we always had two people inthe pit area, looking for the judges and then inviting them in to talk. AFTER we chatted with them, then we gave them some of our handouts.

But, don’t just hand them a package of stuff WITHOUT also talking to them.

Our chairman’s package included

-Two printed out versions of our presentation
-Two things on our robot
-Two carribeaners, pins, and stress balls
-One business plan

It seems like there is always 3-4 pairs of judges that come around to talk to teams plus the Chairman’s judges… so 10-12ish? In my opinion, bring 20 - give them to Chairman’s judges, pits judges, and any other important figures (even your head sponsors) to hang on too.

I think, the more judges you get them out to even if they don’t know you, the easier it is for them to be like “oh hey, check out this team: they put a lot of time into this nice packet and look at the highlights of their team and robot in here…”

That’s my take.

I had my girls do up at least seven packets this year. At the time we were not sure there would be just three Chairman’s Judges (which allowed for variance, and didn’t make them look unprepared). After their presentation, the rest of the packets were available for the students who were approached in the pits by the Judges.

Included in this years packets were:

  1. Chairman’s Essay
  2. Chairman’s Executive Summary
  3. Publisher Presentations from Chairman’s Award
  4. Visio Publications from Chairman’s Award

our team never does anything like this…i made a folder of stuff about our team for the pit…and i ended up giving it to the judges…i never thought about having more copies…

i just put in facts, things we do and our plan and our bom made it in there too with some photos

there is though about 3-4 pairs of judges so one for each judge or each pair i guess

good luck everyone :slight_smile: