Judges Scoring?

So last year was our first year within entering the website portion of FIRST robotics competition and we didn’t win at all or anything, but I was wondering, do we get any type of score sheet back to us from judges?

We’ve checked out emails and everything for something back but didn’t receive anything. I was really curious if we were going to get some score sheets back because as it was our first year, we could go back and make alot of changes to improve for next year.

I too wanted my feedback and emailed Lori Burkhamer (FRC Program Director) at [email protected]. She was kind enough to email me back my spreadsheet of feedback and related website banner-stickers. In past years I had remember them simply emailing it to us, but when (a few weeks after CMP) I saw that they had not, I figured there was no crime in asking, which turned out to be the right approach I guess.