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Our team (5943) qualified for worlds for our first time this year due to the Engineering Inspiration Award. We will be attending the Detroit World Championships. Our team was just curious as to how judging works at worlds. Is it basically the same as at regional events (Same type questions asked), or are the questions more “intense” because it is a world championship? Really any information would help here.

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Same as in regionals, except each division is really 2 subdivisions so all the regional awards get judges with a total of ~100 teams. Exept chairmen’s thats all regionals/district winning teams across the whole event.

To expand on what Eric said, there is an award set (all awards except Chairmans) for two fields combined. So there will be 3 GP awards, 3 Autonomous awards, etc.

Would you say that judging is more competitive because there are so many more teams competing per award?

Definitely. You can also end up with less face time with the judges, as they have to visit more teams - make the most out of every interaction you get!


was talking to a world judge at 7 rivers last year and he said something like 90 seconds is all you have avg to talk to a judge at champs. Even less if you don’t captivate them quickly.

It’s pretty hard to win a judged award at worlds. Teams are better, and you’re competing against 133 other teams. We’ve only won 1 in our history, versus having a 95% success rate at other competitions.


Anecdotally, we’re 0/4 at DCMP and 1/2 at CMP. YMMV honestly.


To add to the annecdotes… we’re 1/4* at champs so far. Hoping to make that 2/5 this year!

*Does not include our Dean’s List Winner, only judged team awards.

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