Judging is different this year, correct?

I’m being a little paranoind probably, but I just want to confirm that judging will be at each regional your team attends this year, correct?

I personally think this is a lot better than the whole “region” judging of last year, since a team could theroetically win the animation award at your regional and not even be present to accept the award.

In 8.2.4 of the manual:

“A panel of judges will
review the Chairman’s Award entries at each Regional and will conduct on-site Chairman’s Award interviews
with those teams who have entered a submission for that regional event.”

I think he’s talking about animation…

It says you’ll be judged at each attended regional.

Yes I’m talking about animation… that’s why it’s in the Animation forum… :rolleyes:

Thanks for the reassurance Matt, I just wanna make sure I didn’t miss anything.