Judging The Animations

As a mentor and a Professional Animator/Graphic Designer with lots of experience both Critiquing work and being critiqued, I wanted to put a post here for you to consider when judging.

There are Three Categories.
Content Communication (40 Pts)
(scoring form 1-40 (40 being the best)):

Scoring on a distinct use of design and animation to illustrate and communicate what FIRST Means to your team.

Whats your message? How are you telling that message? How well are you communicating it to others?

I like to look at this as not just Identifying and telling a story, but how complete it the thought. Is there a beginning, middle and end? After all any English teacher will tell you that those are the elements to a story.

Compelling Creativity- 40Pts
Score the distinct use of design and animation to Generate Excitement about your teams participation in FIRST. Does the animation tell a compelling and creative story? How well does the animation Identify a concept and organize that content in the 30sec animation. Is it creative to a point to be memorable? How well does it stand out- or excel from the others?

I like to think of this as How distinct and unique is your approach to the animation. Not really the technique but the concept of what you did? Did this animation have a unique approach to the task at hand?

Technical Execution (20Pts):
How well did you use 3DStudio Max and other programs to accomplish your goal. This is where the actual techniques of texturing and modeling skills come into play. How is you lighting. How are you camera moves. What advanced techniques did you use to achieve your final results- How well did you master the software.

NOW please pay attention to the scale. The Tech Execution is the least important. Thats not to say that its not important. But on the given scale- its more important that you have a good concrete and complete idea and then that you are equally able to communicate that idea and not as important that you know how to use image maps. The reason for this is a great image map and sound track will make any mediocre story seem like the next best thing since slice bread. Its important that you each judge based on a complete understanding of the categories. They are written in the FIRST rules-
HERE on page 17. and they are at the judging table with the autodesk rep- At least they were at out regional.

Please read and reread these several times before you judge. If you have any questions please PM me or post below. don’t be wowed by “Eye Candy” that looks really good but may be lacking in other areas.

I think this is a good idea to judge on. It is simple and is an accurate example of how judging should take place. All in all, this is a very good idea, and I suggest that student judges take a good look at this to know how to score. One more thing to add to stevek’s post…keep your scale the same for all of the animations.