Jump Start RC w/o Exide 12v battery

Just a piece of info.

You can run the OI/RC combo off just the 7.2v backup battery w/o the full-sized 12v battery attached. It’s handy for testing purposes.

Hook everything up via tether or radio and just touch a regular 9v battery to the 12v terminals. The RC will start right up and run off the backup battery for 3.5 minutes, before automatically shuting down. Just do it again to restart it.
You can shut it down yourself by pressing the RC reset.

Why 3.5 minutes?

its default code, i think

It’s an arbitrary time that’s been built-in to the Master Processor code. IFI’s assumption is you’re only going to be running on battery backup when the 12v supply dips due to motor stall, etc, so 3.5 minutes is more than long enough to get you through a match.

See page 4, “3. Battery Backup Power” of the Full-Size RC Reference Guide.