We are excited to announce that JUMPSTART will be back again in 2017 - this time it is bigger and better! St Cloud State University has approved 500 person limit for this season’s JUMPSTART training event - and we are looking to provide the best possible training for every team and every member.

When: Saturday, Dec. 2 2016
Where: SCSU - Ritsche Auditorium, Wick Science Building, Headley Hall
Cost: FREE! (Thank you to SCSU and the CMMA)
Lunch: FREE! (Thank you to SCSU and the CMMA)
Registration Dates: NOW - November 10

Last year was a resounding success as 25 teams attended with 17 different teams/organizations providing training sessions. Over 400 students and mentors were on campus for these training sessions.

The goal for this year is to raise the bar for MN FIRST. We are pushing our sponsors and presenters to provide the best training event possible. We are opening the registration to 40 teams. However, the teams that attended last season are already pre-registered so that currently leaves 22 spots. During the registration process we will asking teams to present at this event; however, we will be selective on which teams can present and what sessions they present on.

Click for registration and information.

I’ve been to this even every year, and it’s really been great. SCSU has done an amazing job supporting it every year.

JUMPSTART Training Event is starting to populate! There will be small changes to last year’s schedule and more information will be coming out after October 28th. A little sneak peak - we have over 40 different sessions planned for this season. Please register early and stay tuned…

This is truly a great event for students and mentors. It is well run with good knowledgeable presenters. It is also a great way to get students excited pre build season.

JUMPSTART Registration will be closing on November 20 12Noon CST.

Hope to see you there!

Hello folks,

Just a few notes from JUMPSTART 2017:

33 teams attended the event (see below) and 540 attendees that we verified through the doors. There were 50 sessions spread over 5 different rounds. Overall it was an incredible success. I am not sure where JUMPSTART sits in terms of number of sessions offered, the number of teams, and the overall attendees in comparison to other training events, but it has to be near the top in FRC - something we never imagined when we started this journey just over three years ago.

I would like to thank our partner and sole sponsor of the event, Saint Cloud State University. Their vision to keep this low cost (see: free) to all attendees was monumental from day 1. They have challenged 4607 with making this event bigger in the coming years.

There is also a huge thank you owed to the Central Minnesota Robotics Hub (CMNRH). The Hub has been the main support for 4607 as well as our greatest source of inspiration in making this event what it has become. The challenges that arose when the hub teams started working together a few years ago cemented how this event was to eventually take shape. It had to be organic, and it had to be a pot-luck style - which was very different from other training events and professional development workshops I have been a part of in the past.

Also a huge thank you to the teams/organizations/people that have helped make JUMPSTART the success it is because of the sessions that they offer:
FRC Teams 1816, 3023, 3026, 3102, 3134, 3184, 3244, 3840, 4539, 4607, 4728, 5542, 5638, 5690, 5913, COR Robotics, FIRST in MN, Matt Mittag (LRI), Nate Vetter, NDSU Bison Robotics, and Yoji Shimizu.

A special thanks to Laurie Shimizu and Mark Durand who have been the sounding board for this event.

And to Maggie Maine, Ryan Swanson, and Emma Schreifel - your diligent work and incredible foresight, without you this event would not have been possible. Thank you.

There will be a video recap of the day coming in the next few days as well as an update on a new site that showcases the presentations from Saturday.

Teams in attendance for 2017 JUMPSTART:
1816 The Green Machine
2177 The Robettes
2232 Deus ex Machina
2239 The Technocrats
3023 Stark Industries
3026 OCR Orange Crush Robotics
3102 Tech-No-Tigers
3134 Accelerators
3184 Blaze Robotics
3244 Granite City Gearheads
3275 Regulators
3313 Mechatronics
3840 T n T
4230 TopperBots
4539 KAOTIC Robotics
4607 C.I.S.
4632 Monti-Pythons
4728 ROCORI Rench Reckers
4741 WingNuts
5232 Hermantown Talons
5542 Roboherd
5638 LqPV Robotics
5690 SubZero Robotics
5913 Patriotics
5999 Byte Force
6175 EV-W Mystery Machine
6453 Bog Bots
6709 Spud Inc
7019 Tech NoLogic (Rookie Team)
7028 Binary Battalion (Rookie Team)
7041 Carlton (Rookie Team)
7068 Gear Busters (Rookie Team)
7273 Zumbrota-Mazeppa High School (Rookie Team)

~Coach Jurek