Jumpstart 2020

FRC Teams,

I am happy to announce that JUMPSTART Training events are back for its 6th year! We are very fortunate to have Medtronic as our main sponsor for all our JUMPSTART Events this fall. Medtronic is providing the Zoom Conference hosting for all three events.

The JUMPSTART committee decided we will start out small by only having 10 FRC Team presentations. This includes five technical and non-technical sessions. It was difficult to only pick ten sessions (instead of a full day’s event that we are used to doing in past years). We are excited to bring weeks of planning to the FRC community to get students together virtually by JUMPSTART’ing them towards the 2021 Season.

Medtronic is hosting the October Event with Keynote speakers, diversity and inclusion session during the first session. Afterwards we will break and start two rounds of FRC-focused training.

The November Event will have a live stream from Delta ModTech with machine demonstrations, interviews with mentors and FIRST Alumni.

Link to the session map.

[2020 JUMPSTART Sessions Event 1 - Google Sheets]


The web sight is up and will continue to host more information as it becomes available. https://www.jumpstartrobotics.org/

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Hello CD - JUMPSTART Medtronic is happening this Saturday. Registration can be found here. All sessions are virtual this year.

Today is the last day to register for October 31. However, the 11/14 and 12/5 dates registration will remain open (same link) for the time being.

We will be opening up applications soon for teams that are wanting to present sessions at our future dates. This application will also be found on the same website, jumpstartrobotics.org .


@Chief_Hedgehog - when do you expect to email out the Zoom link to the registered teams?

I believe Wednesday.

First round of presentations have been posted. JUMPSTART Robotics - YouTube

Go to our website to get registered for live events week 3 on Dec 5th. https://www.jumpstartrobotics.org


Thanks for posting those videos! There is a lot of interesting content in there.

My favorite video was Dean’s keynote speech/interview. You can find that one here. I’ve listened to Dean speak on many occasions, but this is easily the most engaged that I’ve felt while listening to him talk. He talks about future innovation in the medical industry, AI, his early life and what led to his entrepreneurial path, and he had some great advice for teams/individuals living in our new virtual world.

I definitely recommend checking it out!