June Gloom POPCORN Mafia: The Game

I finally have some cell service. Internet is still out at home, so I will be inactive after this (the joys of living in rural america).

Im gonna go ahead and vote for my biggest suspicion from yesterday, just in case i dont get the chance to be on before EoD.

/vote @quin

Why is quin sus?

No option for no vote.

Vote someone


Sounds fun. I’m assuming you’re suspicious of @quin for the same reasons as the rest of us?

God were screwed

Thanks orange

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It was Squirrel.


Thanks squirrel


/vote Eric
I don’t believe bandwagoning is going to kill the right person

Yes love you too cap

Can you expand on that a bit more?


Just btw

If this activity level keeps up, towns gonna lose. Guaranteed.

Like I’m trying to pull some weight, but somone spotting me would be nice.

Since you are all still suspicious of me I will give you guys some insight into the reasoning behind some of my posts

What I was trying to get at here is in life and in any game (be it a board, card, or social forum) every player has a role to play within the aspect of the game to make it possible for any group or person able to win the game. Hence why I have been and will use the words “role confirmed” when confirming for a CD mafia game.

This is the only post that I feel needed more clarification at this point if there is another one feel free to tell me and I will explain.

Also while reading though the thread I picked up on this post by @EricKline

This is from pre game but the PMs were sent so everyone knows their repetitive roles. Since the only mafia move this game is been giving quarky the gun it would seem to reaffirm this post as truth but what if this is the mafia (all three maybe) trying to get some cover when the gun bearer is revealed as town.

Also on @EricKline he was the one to implement the voting when the gun bearer was willing to act as the voice of the thread and not on their own accord. He also brought up the @Jayd009 suspicious activity which I did agree that he was suspicious but this also put the gun into another person that will most likely do the bidding of the thread (you do not half too) that the voting can be manipulated to their benefit.

If anyone has anything to add to this point of any rebuttal to what I have said feel free to @quin and I should be able to get on quickly and respond.

I will not be extremely active as I have work and then family coming over. I think that @quin has defended themselves quite nicely and we were all just pointing fingers to him all because of a small change in wording from the “ordinary”. I personally feel that as mafia goes I would vote for @gellnick. I would like some input from @ash4fun for multiple reasons. one to get his reading on the situation which I have found helpful in other games and 2 because this is his only post

Ah good morning fellow mafians. It is now 10:50 Beast Coast time and im ready for some action.

where is everyone…?
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I am here and ready to talk

/vote @EricKline