Junior Engineer Opening - Robotics

Hey CD’ers. I have a job opportunity for a junior level Mechanical Engineer at the National Robotics Engineering Center (http://www.rec.ri.cmu.edu/). Ideally the candidate would be graduating with their engineering degree this December.

See job description below:

Fast paced mechanical engineer wanted! We need a smart MechE who loves designing, fabricating, and assembling robots. These are complex robots that do real tasks. This person will be working with SolidWorks and a waterjet cutting machine in the same day. Not only do our engineers know how to design, they know how to fabricate. A passion for excellence is a requirement. Hard working is a requirement. Great team player is a requirement. We need decision makers, not followers. This person must be able to solve problems that are out of their comfort zone. Smart alone will not cut it here. We are taking things to the next level and that means difficult challenges. There is no time for hand holding, so this person must a natural leader.
…Redbull will be provided.

Please send resume directly to me at:

Gabriel Goldman
Sr. Research Engineer, NREC
[email protected]

If any of Chief Delphi gets this position at Carneige Mellon Robotic Institute send me a private message and I will send you a Student Edition of SolidWorks to help you prepare for your SolidWorks certification exam. You have got to be a good designer to work among some of the best robots in the world. Marie

Any specifics about the job? Salary? Benefits? % of time traveling? 401k matching by employer?


I am not sure on all the benefits, but I can assume it is similar to what I get: Matching retirement contribution, health, dental.Salary is not disclosed to me, but will be provided to a potential candidate.


That is a great offer, but we do not have a certification exam here. We also have plenty of on-site licenses for SolidWorks. You are correct though in that we expect the candidate to know their way around the CAD package well.


You can take the SolidWorks Certification exam. I think CMU is actually a exam provider - but their are so many departments that use SolidWorks, I am not certain. Send me a private message if you want to take the exam and I will get it to happen. Marie