juniors 06!!!!

Hey juniors! What colleges are you thinking of applying to in fall or next year? What are you stressed about regarding the ACT and/or SAT?

Im very stressed about the ACT and where im going to apply to this upcoming fall. Right now im taking ACT prep classes through my school which is alot of help but i still do terrible on big tests like that lol I was just wondering how everyone ele was feeling about the big 2nd semester this year and everything.

I’m planning on applying to 2 colleges so far…I need to do more research on the rest. But here’s my thinking:

  1. Villa Julie College in Stevenson, MD
  2. Towson University in Towson, MD

They’re both excellent schools, and thanks to FIRST (hehe), I want to major in Business Communications. Villa Julie has a great Bachelor’s Program for Business Communications, and has such a variety of classes! I love it, so that’s my big one.

I’ve also heard Towson’s great for Communications as a major, but I still need to do more research on that.

As for the SATs, I’m quite nervous. I got a 1030 on my PSAT (counting all 3 fields), and that’s not so good in my book. I’m gonna’ be possibly taking an SAT prep course at my school for the May/June SATs. I’ll probaby take both SATs and prep more in between. Boy oh boy am I scared about those! :ahh:

Good luck to all juniors!! =D Go '06!

I am stressed about the SAT’s and ACT’s, but im just trying to not let it get to me. I got a 1210 on Math/Verbal-1790 with Writing on my PSAT’s, however, for the schools I want to apply to, that won’t cut it. My GPA has taken a hit this year too, because im in a few classes that are mainly meant for Seniors and then a few AP classes. Next year im slated to take 6 AP courses, hoping to get some credits out of my frosh year at college. My extracurricular activites, I must say are very good; Robotix Co Capt-Future Business Leaders of America Sec/VP-Model UN Exec board-Academic Team-Media Productions-German Club.

School wise, i have a couple ideas of where i want to go and what i want to do.

  1. University of Michigan(Ann Arbor)-Mainly for their Sports management program and hopefully a side of Engineering or Statistics.
  2. Boston University-My sister goes there and absolutely loved the kinds of classes she could take and how everything is run.
  3. WPI-I would go there to major in Robotics and Business.
  4. University of California(Berkeley)-Great overall school, plus its West Coast.
  5. Princeton-If i could get in, i would die. But its near impossible. Extra Curriculars may help me, but GPA is not gonna get me there.
  6. Harvard/MIT-Fat Chance, but you never know, the 1400 Average Math/Verbal, always has to have a few lower outliers :rolleyes: .
  7. TBD-I have only looked passively so far, I will have some more ideas soon.

Hehe. Class of '06 represent.

I’m kinda nervous about SAT, but I did pretty well when I took it my sophomore year, as well as very well on the PSATs so I’m hoping all will carry over to SAT 2005 (the new one).

Purdue University is my safety school, since it’s in my backyard.
U Mich Ann Arbor is an awesome awesome school for what I like.
Northwestern U (former MWR host) in Chicago may be a reach, but Chicago and Evanston specifically are awesome.
Cornell U in Ithaca is probably my #1 since I used to live in that town and it’s awesome.
Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh is pretty nice, though I am still looking on it.
Stanford is a far far far-reaching hope, so probably not likely, but I’m gonna apply and hope for the best.
I’ll also see about applying to MIT, though I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for in a school.

Well, my friends color me crazy for this, but my method of preparation for the SAT I (and hopefully ACT’s, they seem easier for me, but we don’t have a nearby testing center), involves pepo-mints. Yup, that’s it. Show up, eat a lifesavers pepomint and have a few for during the test. Standardized tests are my friend.
My GPA however (long story, with the old weighted system I’d have over a 4.0, with the new system, I’m struggling to break a, erm, much lower mark), is my stumbling block. Oh well. I’m an appointed member of the district school board, and member of the spanish club, robotics and the student newspaper, so hopefully that will be aid enough.
So in the area of standard testing, well, I’m doing well, but colleges I’m looking at…I can’t seem to narrow down my selection (any more so than my GPA has for me :rolleyes: ). Advice to all freshmen and sophmores reading this-do not let your GPA become your limiting factor in colleges. I do enjoy the stuff I get in the mail though.
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No question for me;
and Electrical Engineering
and Air Force ROTC

Nice to see that some others here are stressing on those tests/college admissions. Right now my biggie’s the ACT. Took it last month and scored preety well…but still want about 2 more points . :rolleyes:

My colleges right now

  1. Air Force Academy (application starts next month :ahh: )
  2. ISU (iowa state)

hmm yea. well, i dunno where i’ll get in but i’m thinking: mit, berkeley, caltech, stanford, cornell, jhu, duke - ish. i’m considering more but those are my goals – if i get into any of those i’ll be happy. fields: i haven’t decided. i’m a major science/comp freak so it’ll be something like: biomed/biotech eng, phys/chem eng, or comp eng. – no idea!

sat – i took the sat2 for math2c – got a 800 and plan to take sat2 for physics and chem in may. i’ll be taking sat1 in june this yr. i won’t start preparing until after my AP tests though. i do know that my sat is very impt when applying to colleges so i’m going to study hard, i can’t slip up on this.

grades – i’m doing pretty well here, no complaints. it’s kind of hard to manage between my classes, etc. (6aps/2 honor) but i just take it one day at a time.

activities – i have robotics (obviously), envirothon, engineering comptns and tennis team. they overlap alot but hey, i love it all, i can’t complain.

I’ve taken two of the old and I’m going to take two of the new SAT’s…we’ll see how that goes.

I’m looking at some schools in my area:

Then Carnegie Mellon, WPI, Boston College
I’t be cool to go to a school in New York City (I know that location shouldn’t be the main reason for going somewhere), but I’m not too familiar with all the schools there, and such. I guess I’ll be doing some research…

yeah like idk where i wanna go to college. i wanna be either an engineer or an advertising person. I think im going to apply to University fo Nebraska where my sis goes…take buisness corses…and im going to apply to southern illinios and unversity of oklahoma and purdue and so far thats it lol for now

I’ve heard a lot of FIRSTers talk about WPI. I’ve been looking at it in case I don’t get into the Air Force Academy…and they have that nice FIRST scholarhip. I’m interested in knowing if any of you know much about it. I’ve looked…but haven’t really heard much of it besides from their website. So if anyone who’s gone there or knows much about it could send me a PM or something…that would be appreciated :slight_smile: .

I hate the new SATs because my writing score is so unpredictable. I’ve scored between high 500s and mid 700s, which changes the total score a lot.

My GPA is decent, and my courseload is great (only taking 3 AP courses but they are all dominated by seniors). taking 3APs next year too but also taking MV equations which is as hard as AP classes.

I think my extracurriculars are really good, but most peoples are. Unless you’re getting in off a sport, seems like most people have extracurriculars going for them. (robotics captain, guitar all 4 years, youth group many positions including international chair, sailing all 4 years and planning to in college, internship fixing computers)

Anyway, I have a really long list of all the possibilities…and the most likely on that list are: Carnegie Mellon, Case Western, Washington University, UMich-Ann Arbor, Cornell, Boston U, Mcgill, Lehigh, Bucknell, Tufts, URochester (yes, my list is loooong)

I’m not as stressed about standardized tests (not taking until June) as I am about the the AP tests. I’m taking 3 hard AP classes (Chem, Calc AB, US history). I did okay on PSATs (1920 total). 6 APs, y’all are crazy :ahh: .

Grades: Top 10 in class, weighted GPA 4.0ish.

Schools: Right now my top choice is Oregon State. Good engineering school, both my parents went there, and I have family nearby. I won’t have any definate DOs/DON’Ts until I visit colleges during the summer (pretty much any engineering college in the Pacific Northwest).

Hmm…I haven’t really looked much though, but I’m pretty sure I’m applying to Binghamton University, RPI, maybe RIT…

Took the SATs once already - I got a 1300 (660 Math, 640 English). I got a 2050 on the PSAT (770 Math, 580 English, 700 Writing). I’m taking the March SATs in like a week - no prep course though cause of robotics…and I didn’t want to take one. :smiley:

Grades wise I do good, plus I’m taking five AP courses this year and next year. :ahh: But whatever its all the same stuff. :yikes:

I’m going to stay close home for 2 years and go a local college and then Lord willing go to Auburn University for Architect design or Building Science

Lets go class of 06…SATs and ACTs should be fairly simple…just don’t stress out and you’ll do fine…and as for colleges, I HOPE for Embry Riddle…if not there…NAU or UT…but Embry Riddle is my first choice…

Let’s hear it for '06!

I am really hoping for Embry-Riddle too…ERAU is such a nice place.

SAT’s? Don’t sweat it…I already took it once, and I got a really nice score. Not too shabby for the first try… and I’m taking the ACT’s over summer break.

Good luck all!

well i just took the ACTs w/ writing a bit ago., but dont feel like paying $8 to see results online early so dunno my scores yet. well as anyone will, i would love to go MIT. that would be awsome. kinda doubt thatll happen sumhow tho lol. looking at u of michigan engineering and carnegie mellon and shtuff. wanna go engineering definityl. i hate all these new writing stuff in standardized tests. AP lit really isnt helping me there. only helping me from getting a 4.0.

I’m a freshman at WPI and I would recomend it for anyone looking to go to school for engineering. I don’t know very much about the scholarship, but I was on team 177 when Tom Schindler, who I’m sure you’ve seen posting here, won it a few years ago. He would be a good source of information. All that I remember is that he submitted a video for it.

Interesting…there seem to be a lot of us here looking at Embry-Riddle. That is currently my first choice if I would recieve an Air Force type one ROTC scholarship. Still I have the academy as my 1’st…but that’s my top option if I don’t get in and go ROTC. Hard decisions comming up.

  1. USAFA-Air Force Academy
  2. Embry Riddle (ROTC)
  3. ISU