Junkyard Dogs

Anybody interested in Junkyard Dogs which is something like Junkyard Wars but for teenagers 12 to 16 which will be held in Southern California. If anybody is interested please reply here.

Stoopid getting old…


Soon to be old fart

Yeah i would really like to do it but im 17 so i think you should change the ages just for me…hahaha. it sounds really fun though

When is that going to be peter? Do you have a link that has information on that stuff? That sounds totally cool. Sirena brought it up the other day, too. I’d totally be interested if we’re doing that…sounds fun!

Id love to do it but im turning 17 may31st so i guess i cant. Sounds interesting though. Any more info???


Well… Hue you can get the infomation from Mr. Mainieri.

Sorry Andrew, all i know is that it is something like junkyard wars…