Just a question

Hi guys, im on Team 1875 and I had a weird thought about easyC. Is there a way to make/create a program on easyC then convert it into actual C code(as opposed to the blocks that you use with easyC)? I havent much experience with easyC, and I was just wondering if anyone with more experience knew how to do it (if its possible).

Thanks in advance!

EasyC utilizes the WPILib library of FRC functions. I believe (at least in the new easyC Pro) there is a panel on the right side that shows you the WPILib-based code.

Select project view tab, select the function entry under “block diagram” you want to convert, right click on the entry and at the bottom of the menu is “Convert to C”. It converts the block of easyc into a regular C file.


Awesome, thanks guys. The interface of easyC is new to me, looks funny.