Just A Quick Question

At the regionals, are most matches decided on top of the ramp?

Umm…well that all depends on the stack heights and bin placement…i don think its typically decided on the ramp…in rare occurences…yes

sorry if thats a bit of a ramble but it gets the point across :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I’ve seen it seems that the robots on the ramp does make a big difference on who wins a match. Many matches end up really close and many times if you can manage to push another robot of the ramp and get yours on that’s -25 for them and +25 for you. That’s 50 pts! During semi finals at UCF, just pushing the robot off of the ramp would have won us that entire match.

the two main factors i’ve seen are
a.) auton mode (bins on your side)
b.) king of the hill

if you can get both of these factors in your control it takes a wicked nasty alliance to stop you.

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