Just a Quick Thanks

Hello CD! Kaitlyn from team 5943 here.

This weekend our team spent a total of about 20 hours at Terrificon, in Montville, CT. I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone we met, and to our friends in Danbury, CT, 7462 Disruptive Technologies, for coming by and helping to promote FIRST with us. We met a ton of awesome people, including alumni of our school in Carmel, New York, members of team 558, and past members of some other teams like 228.

Doing an outreach event at somewhere like a Comic-con is truly a great and unique opportunity. You get to reach out to people who may not expect to see a robotics team at an event like that. This was our second year, and it was even more successful than the first. By promoting FIRST at an event like this, we were able to reach out to hundreds of kids and parents at once. To little kids, the robot looks a bit scary, so some were hesitant to step up and drive our bot at first. But with the help of our amazing team members, we were able to bring them close, and show them what they would be doing. We had people ages 2 and up driving our robot, and learning what it’s like to be a part of FIRST. We were also able to drive our robot around the convention center a couple times, causing heads to turn and phones to come out, as we drove through the aisles, playing catch with people as we went. It was an awesome sight to be able to have an interactive experience with our audience like that.

We were able to effectively spread the word of FIRST this weekend, and the smiles we caused were better than any award.

Team 5943, The Bad News Gears.

(edit: Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about this outreach event or our team)


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