Just a Thought of Mine!

Posted by Jeff Bazydlo, Other on team #126, Gael Force, from Clinton High School and Nypro Inc…

Posted on 3/28/99 8:06 PM MST

Just a couple of thoughts:

I have just spent the last hour reading all of the news from
this weekend and boy did I miss something.

First let me say I am stunned by all of this, but I can
only say my two cents. Let me say that someone (a volunteer)
from our community brought this idea up when we first
saw the competition, he said why don’t you call another
team up and build two complimenting robots! Well we all
said NO our robot better be able to do everything, now
it is a good thing we did because in N.E. one of our statistics
people told us that all day friday (6 matches) our alliance
partners only gave us a total of 5 points and one tripler
between the six of them, and even the tripler was out of bounds
until we hit the puck to turn them in at the last second.

Now I agree with whoever made the comment about choosing the
best team that compliments your robot. Now in N.E. we were the last
match before the elimination bracket, we were ranked 14th in match
73 (I think) and then boosted to 7th by only a few points,
now the last match arrives we don’t know if we’re in or not until
that match is over, we didn’t have but 10 mins. to find an
ally. But we did! The best one to compliment our robot!

One final thought that I want to through out there, for
the last 6 years we have come so close and it seems like
every time we are about to go to the quqrters or semi’s
something has gone wrong control or mechanically, what I
am trying to say and I am sure C.H.A.O.S. will agree,
robots aren’t perfect because I may be wrong but didn’t
one of your two teams have mechanical problems in the
quarters of N.E. this year…

To sum this message up and I have not tried to bore you
guys I am just trying to say that everybody has luck
involved no totally but somewhat, and I think Florida being
as large as it is, it is greatly up to luck in the end,
what if …that happened? That is what I have asked myself
for the last six years. I think the rule change for more
teams is good but it should only be 32 teams 1-16 pick and
two team alliances that is it.

It is overkill for tri-alliances! I know part of the
competition in N.E. was trying to sell our team as the team
you want when we were 14th on saturday morning. I think of this
whole thing kind of like draft day in the NFL or NBA, just
an example. I just want to say to all of those teams out
there who have prearranged alliances good luck, because
I gaurantee there is some team that you don’t know about
and who knows it is better than you!

Finally I am not trying to be mean of agrevate anyone I
just think it’s dumb if you prearrange befor you see the
field of teams in Florida. Anyone else feel the way I do?
I would like to hear from you!

Jeff Bazydlo