Just a warning when goofing around with the new game pieces (SAFETY)

The covers that come with the crate are very hard to breathe through, and the zippers seem to have a tendency to get stuck easily.

I don’t want anyone to get hurt when their team is goofing around with the new power cubes, so this is just a warning that it is not a good idea to put the power cube cover on anyone’s head.

Game objects are for robots to play with not people.

Yes, yes they are, and it should be common sense to not put a bag on your head, but I’ve already seen several people posting pictures on reddit with the game piece on their head, so I’m just spreading the warning.

Going on that unholy cesspit of bad memes and unfettered incompetence we know as /r/frc was your first mistake :smiley:


Kickoff does bring the worst memes but they still aren’t bad.

Well, this was a complete waste of time and bandwidth.

I’ll give you the bad memes, but I wouldn’t call it incompetent. I’ve found that if you ask for help there, you tend to get it, and it’s great for large short term discussions due to the format. Personal issues tend to be worked out especially well, due to both the ease of making a new account and the ability to vote on comments, bringing the best ones to the top where they’re most visible.

You may get “help” but it likely will be garbage spewed by people who have opinions about facts. Least that’s been my experience the last couple times I’ve ventured into that waste.

And “best” is a highly subjective statement.

What happens if you allow someone to get caught inside…

Make sure you keep the tasks assigned simple!

In all seriousness, be safe!