Just an enjoyable joke to make your weekend better

No, this is not meant to be a joke thread…I know there’s already one of those. This is just a relaxing tidbit to make you happy.

Two engineers were in a park, debating something about viscosity within dynamic fluid systems, when a third engineer rides up on a brand-new bike.
The first engineer says “Hey, that’s a really neat bike! Where’d you get it?”
The third engineer says “You’ll never believe what happened to me. I was busy calculating some elementary particle physics when this gorgeous woman rides up on a bike, stops, takes off all her clothes, and says to me ‘You can have whatever you want.’”
They all pause for a moment, nodding, pondering the situation.
Then the second engineer says “Good choice. The clothes probably wouldn’t have fit you anyway.”

That’s hilarious! :smiley:
Sadly, that’s probably what I’d do. :rolleyes:

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Oops, that definitly didn’t come up when I did my search for joke threads. My bad.

Classic joke, though, my dear Genia. =)