Just another build season morning in MN

Yes that is -32F. What is the weather like in your area?

-2, but feels like -20 :slight_smile: warmed up a bit here in Cottage Grove.

10 below in Minnetonka, -26 with wind chill. Looking forward to the second-hand warmth from the heat gun and welding stations this evening!

It’s only going to get colder going into February with my past experience…

Surprisingly 35! getting colder by the hour.

This winter storm rolling across the country is going to make it go from 50 down to 30 degrees in 30 minutes, then it’s going to get steadily colder from there… it’s raining at the moment so we may be able to go ice skating on the roads tonight. :ahh:

Was getting around -20 F here with windchill a while ago (school called a “cold” day the day before kickoff), but out of nowhere we had a day in the 50s yesterday. Besides that we’re basically in the teens/mid-20s.

72 and sunny. Just like yesterday.

Them’s fightin’ words… :smiley:

Pfff, I saw the temperature change a whole 80 degrees within 12 hours. -40 - 40

Andrew is severely misplaced.

My car said 57 on my drive home yesterday.

-25 here in Fargo, high of -7… and we have wind here!!

High of 68 low 54

-7 right now… and two days ago it was 40! The temperature has been pretty odd so far this year. Normally it’s just cold, colder, and downright dangerous. This year, we’re getting huge swings over the course of a week (I hear it’s supposed to be back up in the 30’s at the end of next week!).

Supposed to be 71 and sunny, currently 54 with a side of fog, and a slight warming trend around here.

Seems like a warm winter so far.

This is a wonderful city to visit… Been ~60F yesterday and today, dropping to the 30’s by sunset, and 20’s overnight. Been raining since last night, which will turn to ice and sleet in short order, leading to the entire area turning into a skating rink… Oh, and by noon tomorrow, we’ll have a foot or so of snow on top of that!

Best part? I work evenings/weekends as an EMT, and I’m on shift tonight. All y’all idiots better stay home y’hear?!? (not the FIRST community of course, but "everyone else"™)

I can’t decide if this is better than the 5 feet of snow in 4 days or worse… guess we will just have to wait and see! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, maybe once we get to the robotics lab it will be “too dangerous” to drive home and we will just have to stay over night! Yippeeeeee :smiley:

Yesterday was nice. Today your temp is at least 30 degrees lower and there’s winter precip. Roads are not good.

-1 in St. Paul today. Grateful I don’t have practice today, since I have to take the city bus to practice.