Just for fun, Aug 21–Aug 25 and it is free

Team 1502 “Technical Difficulties”
The Chelsea High School Robotics Team in Chelsea, Michigan

Would like to invite ANY FIRST team (FLC, FTC, FRC) to come join us any time during the 2007 Chelsea Fair, Held Tuesday Aug 21 – Saturday Aug 25 at the:

Chelsea Fair grounds.
Old State Rd 12 & Manchester
Chelsea, MI 48118

This is just to show off and have fun, SO bring your Robot because we have enough space to set up approximately a quarter field. We will have the Rack set up in the corner and we can just have fun…We are there to show off to the community and spread the WORD of FIRST… This is a lot like the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival with Team 470. We are looking forward to seeing them again Aug 17-19.

This is our third year at the Chelsea Fair and we want to share the fun. We had asked for more space so we could invite others to join us. The request was granted with a discount and a compliment… Seems we draw a crowd and FIRST deserves all the attention it can get… This is almost FREE, all we suggest is that you bring POP and Snacks, Monies for Pizza/Food. Admission at the gate is $5.00 but I am attempting to get exhibitors passes for teams that participate ?. RIDES cost extra and we ask an adult be present with your group.

Details will follow with your RSVP through CDF. I will need to know what day/s you can attend. We look forward to having FUN!

Mike Kizer

Proud Mentor for:
The Chelsea High School Robotics Team
Team 1502 “Technical Difficulties”