Just for fun: type your username with clothing...

…that you’re wearing.

Billfred (via the end of my shirt).

Hey, we have to let the new folks experience the joy of the type-your-username-with-X threads!


With my moccasin:



Okay, so the caps got mixed up… Big deal…I was doing it with the end of my sweatshirt. >=P

With my shorts string: Dorienne "Plair.

Well…close enough. xD

With my zipper:

emily pease

…not quite as exciting as I had originally thought…

with my studded belt kyle

that wasn’t as hard as I though it was going to be, its nice to have a laptop I can maneuver around :slight_smile:

ui j jnjbbbbbbbbnnjmkjmkjmk

With my lady bug slippers that are about 1.5 times as big as my feet >_<

kjay hg 237

Not too bad. That was with my sweater sleeve.
Of course the space bar was the easiest! :wink:

neha batra – my shirt – ahh that was too easy let’s try again.

n eha b atra – whatever…that was my glasses (yes, definitely considered clothing…)

xcvodfhyn cd.l

I typed that with the scabbard of my rapier :stuck_out_tongue:

With my safety glasses :yikes:

AAl;lison K

Not Bad. It’s a lot easier with my watch.

Allison K


With my red hat
that didn’t work too well

:frowning: sigh i’m not even gonna try, :frowning:

l nbuyjncv

With my right shirtsleeve. :expressionless:

With my hat, mn juij8kjkmnredf4

Ok, how 'bout this… Nope, can’t think of anything creative… Cody’s rapier sheith has me stumped. I’ll just use the shotgun slung ver my shoulder…trbqigrv;qigb oops, safety was off…