Just how exclusive is the Einstein Field

I was talking with a couple people I know and we were discussing just how exclusive of a club is it to be team that has made it to the Einstein Field. So therefore I present this question: Just how exclusive is the group of teams that have been on the Einstein Field? I personally can’t answer this as I don’t have any concrete data, but I would imagine that it would be a small percentage of all FRC teams

(Tbh I’m really curious in seeing the percentages of unique Einstein teams to the overall FRC team population.)

2539 reached Einstein for their first time. This was also the first year they won a competition (not counting at home challenges).


It changes year to year since in theory, the more fields, the more teams that make it to Einsteins. This year there were 6 alliances made of 4 teams, so 24 robots total. If Google isn’t lying to me, there are 3,225 teams that competed in 2022, so 0.7% of teams make it to Einsteins in a given year.

If im thinking about it right, the “easiest” year to make it to Einsteins in “recent” years would’ve been 2017 given they just went to 2 Champs. 12 alliances of 4 teams, so 48 teams made it, with a total number of 3357, so 1.4% of teams. That stings a bit personally for myself given that was the year my team made it.


I scrubbed through Blue Alliance. As of 2001 there have been 258 (correction 260) unique teams on Einstein field. With 8899 unique team numbers having competed since then, less than 2.9% of teams have ever made an Einstein appearance.


My numbers might be a bit off then.

I count 260 unique teams since 2001 with 71 unique winners.

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1.4% is still really good.

I grew up a perfectionist and elitist. Sometimes (often) it still comes through into my FRC stuff. But at the end of the day, top 1.4% of anything is really good, and you should be super proud of that.

It’s easy to get lost in the sauce if you try comparing yourself to teams like 254 or 1678. They did not become what they are overnight. Building to that level takes not just commitment, but time.

I used to think third robots and backups didn’t “truly” make Einstein. Nowadays I realize how absolutely bananas stupid that opinion is. It’s embarrassing, tbh.

Be proud of that 1.4%, or whatever it may be in any given year, even if you were the backup and never played. Still impressive to even just get picked at champs - it means you did a whole lot of things right.


I think most people view backups similarly (or did at one point), but seeing how Galileo swapped out their partners in the finals to win it was really impressive. Definitely don’t sleep on the backup bots.


You’re numbers are right, I messed up 2001. Sorry teams 53 and 59.

You also have to take into account your 254s and 1678s who have made it multiple times which means that number is significantly lower

The 2.9% stat is for the 260 unique teams having competed on Einstein. There have been 403 Einstein appearances with a few elite teams appearing several times. 195 teams have appeared once and 13 teams have appeared 5+ times

This isn’t really how the number of teams works, every year some teams are skipped to save numbers for new veteran teams and not every team that registers competes. That was seen a decent amount in Australia in the past where teams would build robots and have local “offseason” competitions when they couldn’t afford to travel for a regional.


I agree and I for sure am. I think the sense of accomplishment that came with it after a tough season definetly made it the highlight of high school. At the end of the day, it was a great experience. As a team of 9 who had started the build season off with an eviction from our build site, being an alliance captain on Einsteins felt insane. Definetly felt the “Inspiration” aspect of FIRST that day.

Good point, it makes me wonder the true quantity of every FRC teams. It looks like statbotics has 6843 teams tracked (including inactive) which is probably closer to the accurate number of all teams since 2001. 358 has a great stat site that did in depth tracking on a lot of teams but it hasn’t been updated in a few years. They listed All FRC Teams That Ever Were at 5904 teams which includes active years from 1992-2017 as well as some test teams that don’t compete in events.

Edit: TBA lists 7,679 teams. With 260 unique teams on Einstein; 3.4% of teams that have competed since 2001 have made the field.

Either way the historic numbers really show how difficult it is to appear on Einstein field. An awesome achievement.


You can find the data from the TBA API at /teams/year/page


Yeah I’m looking at all this weird napkin math and thinking like “guys there’s literally an entire website api dedicated to answering exactly this kind of question”.


5804 got to play on Einstein this year through a lot of luck and some skill. (Skilled enough to be a 3rd pick and lucky enough for that to be the right alliance). We got the opportunity to play 2 matches in round robin. Our kids know how exclusive it is and have valued this as a once in a lifetime experience. We will work, as we do every year, to get back to Einstein. The chances of that happening are so small I don’t want to think about. There were so many world class teams this year that didn’t make it, that is shows you how hard it is. We are eternally thankful to 2910 for picking us and are using the momentum generated in our program to increase the excitement and growth.

Working with you guys on the field was a pleasure. You all are world class and I hope I can see you guys there in the future.

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