Just in time for Nats!

Introducing… drum roll Pit-Timer version 1.1!

I know what you’re asking… “But Super-Danman! What is the Pit-Timer?” Well Billy, glad you asked.

Ever at a competition and your team mates keep on asking you when your next match is? Or ever have some scouts come on over and ask you when are you up next so they can watch you? Well, everyone knows that people are lazy and don’t want to go through the trouble of talking, so I made Pit-Timer.

What it is is a small Flash-based program designed to run on any Windows-based laptop (might work with other OS’s - give it a shot!). Anyways, you enter the time of your next round, and Pit-Timer displays it nicely and counts-down to it, so you can see exactly how much time you have to make some quick-but-needed repairs. Not only that, but you can display anything you want as the background (for example, Team 810 displays our kewl logo =D)

Due to complaints about time-based countdowns, I spent my entire afternoon Sunday coding a new mode for it. Now you can count down to your match based on what round you go.

All usage instructions are in the readme, so go to the upper-right of this page right now, hit the drop-down menu, go to the Chief-Delphi White-Pages, and download Pit-Timer 1.1! Enjoy!