just me or is the new lambo ugly

no offense but I want to see if only I think the new Lambo looks like a doorstop and will never get over speed bumps. I get lowering is important but when a crack in the road skids your car that’s a bit too far. https://www.oopscars.com/wp-content/uploads/2019_LAMBORGHINI_HURACAN_PERFORMANTE_SPYDER_pic-1.jpg

I’m actually really digging the design, though that may just be because it’s my favorite color of blue. The ground clearance is definitely too low for your typical city road, though it’s not unheard of in the automobile world.

Dude… no one buys a Lamborghini and worries about speed bumps… that’s just not how it’s done.

I hear wheel drop is less important if you replace some traction wheels with omnis. Maybe their designers should hop on CD…

Can’t wait until the producers of GT ask Jeremy to drive that thing through the streets of some old European city center. Not only is it low but it is wide. Definitely built for the open (smooth) road.

Like most new cars, yeah, it’s ugly.

But I’m an old geezer. I don’t “get” modern styling.

Still not as beautiful as one of my friend’s babies

Looks more angry than ugly. Also reminds me a bit of an old NBA logo:
Edit: and OBTW reminds me of a hornet way more than the (also blue) 1970 Rambler/AMC vehicle I drove from '80 to '86. I still miss that straight six that I drove then and again in 19991 to 2005 in a Jeep Cherokee. The motor mounts just carried the engine down the road; running in neutral or park the engine just DID NOT MOVE. It’s truly incredible the number of times at the end of the Jeep’s time that I added oil and left the oil filler cap on top of the valve cover and found it there waiting for me a couple of weeks and nearly a thousand miles later when it was time to add another quart.

Me too!! It perfectly matches the color of my 2014 Nissan Cube!!! I just need to figure out what to do with the money I saved buying the Cube vs the Lambo :rolleyes:

If you think this car looks like a wedge, check out the countach…

If it’s fast enough, nobody will have enough time looking at it to judge the looks.

The new one does look better than the Countach…I’ll give it that!

you still retain some dignity as long as your not driving a gee whiz… now that car makes you question if God really does make mistakes

on the bright side in 3 countries it doesn’t go fast enough to be a car so you can say you have a quadricycle… honestly, the Pontiac Aztek is better and that was voted Americas ugliest car 4 times.

Hideous. I’ll take 2…

She ain’t no 1973 Trans Am so she’s not the one for me.

How it’s done is to hit the speed bump at speed…and fly right over it.

Wouldn’t be my first choice and those Italian stripes at the bottom would have to go.

Agreed. It looks like a catfish.

To drive with authority, try this:

Frankly, I think that one resembles a different fish.

If you painted it orange, it would be uncanny.

Okay, I’m dating myself, but there was only one “wedge” in the automotive community…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrgF38F_qw0 - Triumph TR7 Ad: The Shape of Things to Come

(gotta’ love the garages shown at the end of the above video)