Just moved to Atlanta. Anyone need a mentor?

Hey folks,

I just moved to Atlanta for grad school, and I would like to continue mentoring teams. I will be a bit busy, but want to at least see a team once a week during competition season, or if y’all do preseason stuff, I’d love to be involved.



Hi! I’m the drones lead (and the only one who goes on CD) for G3 robotics out of Grady High school. We are in midtown and if you are interested in potentially getting involved you can email us at [email protected] to get in touch with our captain.
We are a large team of about 60 students and we were state champs in 2018 as well as winning several chairman’s awards for our outreach through our Drones for Good program, work in our school district, and work with special needs.

Hi Rebecca,

Will definitely reach out!


I highly recommend 1746 OTTO. Their program is established and sustaining, probably ideal for someone in grad school.

@Anupam_Goli @Kellen_Hill



I’m the programming lead on OTTO (Team 1746). We are based at Forsyth Central High School in Cumming, GA. After what was possibly the best year our team has had last year, we have established ourselves as a team that will continue to grow in potential and with our student body growing and a growing number of offseason projects, we would also like a mentor who will complement the growing team very well. If you are interested in mentoring us, please send me a direct message or an email to [email protected]

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Just sent you an email. Hope to hear from you soon!


Welcome to Atlanta. We’re up in Suwanee, but that’s almost 40 min drive without traffic. GRITS in Nov will be a great time to see how teams operate.

See you around,

Good for you, thank you for asking. I hope you find a terrific team and gain much satisfaction while inspiring others.

@Nirnaeth tomorrow is the Symposium at KSU. It might be a good time to catch up with teams. I expect all those that chimed in will be there.

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