Just where are vision "bonus" tetras placed?

The figure following Rule <G10> illustrates placement of bonus tetras for capping goals with vision tetras during autonomous mode. The figure shows the bonus tetras being placed in the Blue zone (see attached jpg). The caption states that the placement is shown for the Red alliance and that the placement for Blue is similar (presumably the “mirror” image).

In the Game Manual Introduction (Section 0.3, page 4), it is stated that vision tetras scored in the autonomous period result in 1 or 2 bonus tetras being placed on the corner goals in their end zone.

There appears to be conflicting information here…no?

Given my understanding of the rules, that is a typo. The picture is for the blue alliance.


The two vision tetras on each side of the field are placed in the field on any of the numbered triangles. Don’t forget, the numbered locations are chosen randomly at the beginning of the game, and will be mirror images of the opposite side.

this is how I understand the rules as well, the animation showed this same thing. If the blue alliance caps, bonus tetras go to their enzone goals

I am questioning which end of the field the “bonus” tetras are placed when an alliance has successfully capped a center row goal with a vision tetra.

Alright, third edit of this post.

There isn’t a conflict of the rules. When red caps the middle center during auto with a vision tetra, two bonus tetras are placed on the BLUE side corner goals. This interpretation is seen here:

Here’s what is in both the animation and the “human robot” simulation at the Kick-off event:

The bonus tetras are placed on the corner goal (s) in the zone of the Red alliance after they placed a vision tetra on a center row goal during autonomous mode.

I agree with Billfred that there is an error in the caption beneath the figure associated with Rule G10. It should indicate that placements are shown for the Blue alliance, rather than Red. (I wouldn’t call this sort of error a “typo” - but that’s just a manner of semantics).

FIRST should clarify this in an update…

Not true. When a vision tetra (vision) is placed on the center goal the corrisponding alliance getss tobonus tetras, one in each of there corners. if the vision is stacked on a side goal then the corrisponding carner of the corisponding aliance gets a bonus tetra stacked on it.

Right. In the animation and in the human simulation, the center goal was capped with a vision tetra by the Red team. Bonus tetras were placed on the corner goals in the Red end zone.

(Actually, in the animation there were TWO tetras placed on one Red corner goal and one on the other! Call it “animation artists’ license”…)

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A RED vision tetra placed on the center goal will result in a RED bonus tetra being placed on each of the corner goals on the RED end of the field. A RED vision tetra place on the “middle column” goal on the edge of the field will result in a RED bonus tetra being place on the corner goal on the RED end of the field on the same field edge.

The animation shown during the kick-off is correct (there is no “animation artists’ license”). RED places one vision tetra on the center goal, and one vision tetra on the edge goal, resulting in one bonus tetra in one RED corner, and two bonus tetras in the other RED corner. The “Human-bot” demonstrations were also correct.

The caption under the illustration in the manual is incorrect. It was written for a prior version of the artwork. During a revision in the artwork, the field image was flipped end-for-end, and the caption was not updated accordingly (we were really, really tired and missed it). This will be corrected in an update.

Thanks Dave for the correct update. It sure kills speculation.

We discovered this tonight at a team meeting, thanks for clearing this up Dave :]

Big sigh of relief…

No criticism intended in the “artistic license” comment, I just didn’t see the RED robot cap the center goal near the edge during autonomous mode. I did see both RED vision tetras under the control of RED robots, but the robot carrying the vision tetra “upside-down” drives out of view in the animation. Later in the animation there are indeed two RED vision tetras on center column goals.

I think your animation is totally awesome. It’s incredible that you have enough energy to produce this when you’re away from your day job of exploring the entire solar system ;).

This will be a great game to prepare for, play and watch. Kudo’s to the game design team…

And thanks for clearing up the ambiguity with regards to the figure caption.


Thanks for clearing up the placement problem. I thought that was how it was suppose to be but then I started to think what an outstanding bonus it would be for the auto mode (which I feel is tough as nails this year). Placing your tetras in the opponents end would put great pressure on them. It would encourage more teams to work like crazy to perfect the auto mode.

Great game! Thanks!


Perhaps I missed it in the rules/docs, and I have asked in the Q&A system in case it’s nowhere to be found, but where exactly are these numbered triangles? So far, the only reference I have seen to them is when Dave Lavery randomly drew numbers from a hat during the human demonstration at the kickoff event.
Updated: I found the placement locations at:
Vision-Tetra Placements

Perhaps FIRST should make a revised manual.

They will, in the form of a Team Update. One should be released tomorrow, if memory serves me right.